VIDEO: The National Energy Board’s Arctic Offshore Drilling Review

Robert Steedman (Professional Leader, Environment) of the National Energy Board gave an insightful presentation on the NEB’s review of Arctic safety and environmental offshore drilling requirements at the recent Arctic Gas Symposium.

The National Energy Board’s Arctic Offshore Drilling Review

Robert Steedman
Professional Leader, Environment,
National Energy Board
On 11 May 2010 the National Energy Board (NEB) announced that the Board would review Arctic safety and environmental offshore drilling requirements (the Arctic Review). The Arctic Review will examine the best available information concerning the hazards, risks and mitigation measures associated with offshore drilling activities in the Canadian Arctic and measures to both prevent and respond to accidents and malfunctions. The following aspects are discussed in this presentation:
  • The responsibilities of the NEB in Canada’s Arctic
  • The scope of the Arctic Review
  • How the Arctic Review will be conducted
  • The status of the Arctic Review
  • Opportunities to participate in the Arctic Review
  • How the results of the Arctic Review will be used

ROBERT STEEDMAN Since 2003 the National Energy Board’s senior environmental specialist, supporting technical excellence of the Board’s environmental, socio-economic and lands & engagement staff and programs. From 1989 to 2002 Robert was a research scientist with the Province of Ontario, served as adjunct professor of Biology and Forestry at Lakehead University, and led a long-term, interdisciplinary research program investigating Boreal Shield watershed and lake response to forest management. Robert was Associate Editor of the North American Journal of Fisheries Management from 1994-1997, and co-edited a book on Boreal Shield watersheds. Robert holds degrees from the University of Toronto, Oregon State University, and the University of Calgary

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