About The Alaska Oil & Gas Congress

Join us in Anchorage on September 19–22, 2016 for a forum that brings together government officials, community leads, industry players and other key stakeholders for an open discussion on moving production forward in Alaska.

The current downturn in the energy sector presents challenges and uncertainty around the future of project development worldwide. However, resting in this current climate is an opportunity to collaborate, educate and build consensus to forge a path ahead.

Over four days, this year's Alaska Oil & Gas Congress will bring together the people who need to be at the table in order to collectively manage and balance the most critical facets of oil & gas development in Alaska.

Be a part of this important discussion and join us in September. Here's just a snapshot of what you will gain:

  • Analysis of the macro trends impacting the oil & gas sector, including pricing forecasts, an in-depth look at the global competitive landscape and discussion of ways that innovative technology will impact the industry

  • Clarity on regulatory developments that will impact project development from large-scale climate change initiatives to wetlands permitting

  • The latest on projects both online and on the horizon so that you can capitalize on opportunities moving forward

  • Winning practices and cost-saving tools to achieve continuous improvement and operational excellence in today's low price environment

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